"I was looking for a way to put my study into practice and I also wanted to learn more about embedded software."

- Jens Langerak

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December 2018 Forze IX
December 2018 Integration and collaborations with software
December 2018 Old team members
December 2018 PDU
December 2018 Refuelling
December 2018 Safety at Forze
December 2018 System Integration
December 2018 Telemetry Implenentation
December 2018Testing The Forze 8
December 2018 The Forze Powertrain
December 2018 The Steering Wheel
December 2018 Update on the Software Department
November 2018 PCBs
October 2018 Software Department
October 2018 Update by Wouter
June 2018 Racing Simulator
May 2018 Testing new tanks
January 2018 Safety Features
January 2018
January 2018
Test Preparation of Forze
Update and Testing at Forze
December 2017 Powertrain
December 2017 Dynotest
December 2017 General impression of the first month at Forze
October 2017 Testing the car
October 2017
September 2017 
September 2017
Goals and achievements
Introducing: Jan Maarten
From studying triple integrals to building a race car
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