Big Feedback Session Project MARCH

Hi guys, Tim here!

Last weeks we worked on the high-level architecture of our system. This design is important to plan our project. We divided the system into sub-functions and wrote documentation of all components. This way next teams, but also other team members understand what we are building. It’s important to align the designs of different specializations with each other. If we want to use more processing power, but the electrical engineers don’t know this. Things can go wrong. Also all the input of our system comes from sensors, those sensors are designed and created by the electrical engineers. That is why a high-level architecture is of importance to the project. We based the design on a few principles we learned during our Bachelor. One of the principles is responsibility driven design. This means that every object has a clear responsibility. However, objects should not have multiple responsibility. By working accordingly to this principle a system becomes structured and easy adjustable. After completing this design we wanted feedback, to improve our design. Naturally, previous teams know a lot about the system. We organized a ‘big feedback’ session, where many previous team members give their opinion on our designs and concepts. This way we validate if our ideas are good or should be improved. This session turned out to be really valuable to us as team. Next up is our Low Level Concept, so stay updated. 

All the best,