Brainstorm with Sintecs

Hey all!

First of all, on behalf of the whole team of Project MARCH, I would like to wish you a happy and productive new year!

In this blog I want to talk to you about a great brainstorm session with one of our partners, Sintecs.

We visited Sintecs just before the holidays to talk about the Power Distribution Board (PDB) we’re developing. During this visited we discussed how we could improve the PDB with respective to last year’s PDB.  We want to primarily focus on optimising the size of the Power Distribution Board. During the brainstorm we got a lot of new amazing ideas and drafted some new concepts.

We found that making the PDB mostly a double-sided PCB would provide the most area saving.

First, we worried this would be very cumbersome to do and it would take too much time. The consultants relieved us with their new ideas and tips. This meant we could begin placing all the different schematics in Altium after the holidays.

After some more brainstorming we concluded our visit at Sintecs in Hengelo it was time to head for Delft again. It would be long two-hour drive to Delft, luckily Martijn could entertain us with his beautiful singing voice as he serenaded “Ik kom eraan” from Dries Roelvink.

I hoped you enjoyed this blog and I hope to talk to you soon!