Introduction new team: Isha

Hi, my name is Isha Dijcks and I'm a software engineer at March IV. When I finished my Bachelors in Computer Science last year I decided I wanted to gain some practical experience. At Project March I can apply my skills as a software engineer and achieve physical results: A walking exoskeleton! We are currently researching methods to sense the environment of the exoskeleton, like having it automatically detect obstacles and avoid them for example. Or when the exoskeleton has to sit down in a chair, we can measure the height of the chair so we can adjust our movement accordingly. Another challenge we are currently facing is how to make the software behind the exoskeleton as customizable as possible. Preferably anyone from the team can adjust relevant settings without having a deep understanding of the software. We have just finished a major brainstorming phase which we call the High Level Concept. During this phase we note the most important features for an exoskeleton and try to find creative solutions without focusing too much on the details. In the next phase we will focus more on the specifics and how to implement them. I'm looking forward to it!