Introduction new team: Martijn

Hey! I am Martijn van der Marel and I am an electrical engineer at MARCH IV. I finished my bachelor Electrical Engineering at the TU Delft this year, and have just started a fulltime year with Project March. The goal of Project March is to give back full mobility to people with a spinal cord injury. Our team this year consists of people from all kinds of studies, among them three electrical engineers and two software engineers. Our job this year is to provide the exoskeleton with an energy source, provide communication channels and power to the different parts of the exoskeleton and provide sensors to sense the environment. The past few weeks we have been put through an extensive trajectory set up by the previous team to prepare us for the coming year. They have set out the biggest challenges for us electrical engineers: First of all, the size of electronics is very important. Smaller PCBs means the backpack and the frame of the exoskeleton can become significantly smaller. Secondly, the electrical architecture for all new features of the exoskeleton should be designed and implemented. This may mean new PCBs, more sensors and more cables. I'm looking forward to the coming year, and keeping you up to date about our it!