Introduction new team: Niels

Hi there!

Nice to meet you. I'm Niels and I'm one of the Electrical Engineers of project MARCH this year. Last year I finished my Bachelor degree of Electrical Engineering. During that year I didn't really know what to do after finishing the Bachelor and that's why I started searching for ideas of what to do next. During my search I came across the DREAMteams of the TU Delft. These DREAMteams, the Dream Realisation of Extremely Advanced Machines,  are studenprojects that give students the opportunity to work in a practical way while developing all kinds of different skills. The teams contain people from all different fields of study, from Software Engineering to Management that combine their knowledge to work on a complex project.

One of these projects is project MARCH. The goal of Project March is to give back full mobility to people with a spinal cord injury. By returning mobility to SCI patient's we are able to return a piece of independence to the users. For us that seems like a trivial thing but for them it means a lot! More about that on a later date.