Introduction new team: Roy

Hi, I'm Roy and I'm currently one of the electrical engineers at MARCH IV. This year I'll be my fifth year as a student (almost an old geezer), I finished my bachelor Electrical Engineering in 2017 and last year I started my Master in Computer Engineering. My time as a student went faster than I expected, so I decided do something different than just studying. Some good friends of mine were Electrical Engineers in MARCH III. Because of their amazing stories about MARCH and the other dreamteams I got inspired and decided the join this year. Joining MARCH has been one the best decisions I made in my time as a student. You meet so many different people, with different ideas and opinions. Everybody is motivated to the max, which creates an amazing atmosphere. This year I'll have to work hard, but every moment will be worth it. The beauty of MARCH is the fact that it evolves around two aspects, working towards a competition in order to prove that your design is the best and helping people walk again. Together with my 22 other MARCHIES we'll work hard this coming year, to create an amazing exoskeleton and win the Cybathlon in 2019! Talk to you later!