Introduction new team: Tim

Hi, I’m Tim Buckers and currently a member of March IV. After 1 year of my Master Computer Science I wanted to do something else than following courses. During my studies I did some part-time software development jobs. I really liked the practical experience and the possibility of applying the learned theory I obtained during my Bachelor. Now I want to take it a step further. Therefore, I’m joining the March team full-time for an entire year. I paused my Computer Science Master for a year, to fully focus on this DREAM team. We are going to build a exoskeleton for paraplegic people. This makes it possible for them to walk again due to support of the exoskeleton. The is a technical challenge and perfect to apply everything I learned in my study. Roughly 8 students are going to contribute to the software. This already is a challenge on its own. The two Computer Science students are designated to guide this correctly. We have already given a few software lectures on how to collaborate with this many members. We are now in the high level concept phase, after this we are starting to build the system. I’m really looking forward to this entire year.