Low Level Concept for exoskeleton software

Hi guys, Isha here. In this blog I will tell you a little more about the software design of the exoskeleton that we are currently developing.

At Project March we are currently in the Low Level Concept phase of our exoskeleton. For software this means we are making our architecture design more concrete, and implementing some prototypes. As we have many dependencies on other departments, there has to be clear communication with people from other specialties. We decided on using ROS for our exoskeleton, which means we are currently looking for experts in the ROS community who can help us with the configuration to make sure we are using ROS to it's full potential. Once we have everything set up we can start developing the first iteration of our exoskeleton software!

As one of our design values is the ease of use for the other teammembers, we are looking for ways to shorten the time it takes to configure the exoskeleton. One way is a custom XML format we have designed to make it easy to select which gaits need to be performed. Even non-software teammembers can easily configure this custom XML to change variables such as the time a gait should take, or how long the exoskeleton should wait after performing the gait. This will save the software departments a lot of time when we start training!

So far the Low Level Concept for the software of the MARCH IV. Talk to you later.