Pim's Cybathlon Update 1

So, Cybathlon update one. We left home at eleven-ish in the morning, and drove all the way to Düsseldorf. Every year they have this big convention here for all kinds of rehabilitation and general healthcare related things, called the Rehacare. That's where this year's Cybathlon Experience is. Today they're still building everything and making sure that, when the doors open to the general public tomorrow, everything is ready. That includes us. We just had a medical check, where they checked that our pilot doesn't have any health issues to complicate the competition. Other than, you know, her paraplegia. Then there was a tech check, where we had to show that our system is safe to operate and that we're able to do all the obstacles. From the moment we got here, the atmosphere is just electric. You can really feel that this is what we've been working towards. At any moment, everyone who has something to do is operating at full capacity to get it done, and everything who doesn't directly have any responsibilities is out of your face. All in all, everything went pretty well. First we set up a base of operations here in the convention hall, then we did some testing before the checks, and during the tech check, we managed to do the whole course in one go, which we haven't actually done before yet. You can tell that there's still plenty of room for improvements, but it already went better than it has before.