Testimonial Project MARCH

This year of MARCH, I have been mainly busy with the power distribution system of the exoskeleton.  This system is a medium between the battery and all the other electrical components of the exoskeleton. Its objective is to monitor the power used by all the other components and make sure that a component gets disconnected when they consumes too much or when short occurs.

One of the difficult parts of being an electrical engineer at a DREAM-team is that specifications are not known when you start, because most of the time you have to start designing for a system which has not been designed nor specified.

This was also a challenge for me this year. As I was designing the power distribution system, I needed to know how much current would flow through it. Only the servo drivers which would be connected to the power distribution system were not chosen yet at that time. So I tried to look a bit further and asked the mechanical engineers if they knew how much the motors themselves would need. Unfortunately they only had calculated a peak current of which they did not know whether it was a phase current or an average current. So I had two simple choices keep on investigating or possibly overdesign the power distribution system immensely. As always in a DREAM team time is extremely precious, so we decided to go for the latter option and just start designing.

 - Luuk de Gelder, Project MARCH