The cable tree of the MARCH II

Tim Hosman

Today it’s time again for an update from the Electrical Department. This time they will tell you more about the wiring of the exoskeleton. These wires are very important for communicating all signals to the right components of the exoskeleton in the right way.

Did you know that the new exoskeleton of Project MARCH has over 200 cables measuring a total length of over 38 meters. It may sound like a lot, but it’s peanuts compared to the blood vessels and nerves that these cables resemble in our exoskeleton. A human has around 250.000 kilometers of “wiring”!

Cabling in the MARCH exoskeleton is a science in itself. A lot of parts need to be connected, but there is also a lot of parts moving around the joints. This makes the wiring in the exoskeleton tricky. On the one hand, you do not want the wires to break when you bend your leg and the cable becomes too short. On the other hand, a lot of slack in cables might get caught behind the obstacles that we want to overcome!

Special automated tooling helps us find the optimal length for each wire. Just long enough to bend, just short enough to stay out of harm’s way. The optimal cable tree is what we have built over the last couple of weeks. The picture that you find with this post shows most of the wiring of our cable tree.