Training time

David Enthoven

In the meantime all separate parts of the exoskeleton have successfully come together and they became one whole, something we are really proud of! Since we finally have a tangible exoskeleton, we started the intensive training track for our participation in the Cybathlon Experience. But how does a training work?

At this moment, we train every Tuesday evening and Sunday afternoon together with Ruben and some physiotherapists of the Sint Maartenskliniek to guarantee extra safety. Every training there are at least seven team members present apart from Ruben and one physiotherapist. Everybody has his own role during the training. First of all, we have a team lead; this is the one who leads the training and gives a short briefing beforehand about the program of that day. This program is determined beforehand and refers to the training that has taken place formerly. In this way, it is possible to check if all comments of the previous training are processed in the meantime. To guarantee the safety of Ruben there are two safety catches, who are prepared to catch Ruben at any time in case this is needed. Furthermore, there is someone who is in charge of the emergency button, so that the exoskeleton can be turned off immediately in case of an emergency. Besides, there are always two camera operators to make sure all actions that are being executed with the exoskeleton are recorded by camera. In this way, the training can be looked back and things that didn’t go well can be optimized afterwards. Lastly, we have someone who takes notes and writes down all comments and points of improvement, so that these notes can be used afterwards for further optimization of the exoskeleton and the actions the exoskeleton executes. 

After every training, there will be a short recap and retrospective where everybody can give feedback and points of improvement. In this way, we are able to improve the functionality of our exoskeleton and adapt it more and more to Ruben's wishes every training. We will also start with practicing the obstacles of Cybathlon Experience. Thanks to the good communication during each training and the feedback that follows out of this, we are fully confident that we will appear at the start with a well-functioning exoskeleton and a well-trained pilot in Düsseldorf!