Different challenges

Hi again! I am Esperanza and I am working on the electronics department of the TU Delft Solar Boat Team. As I said in my previous entry, I am a first-year Sustainable Energy Technology (SET) master student.

This past months I have been busy with very different tasks. First I had to decide the solar cells type we wanted to use, and to design the solar deck layout and the connections. For this task my background in Electromechanical Engineering was very helpful. After the solar modules were ordered, I focused on helping my teammates with the energy box. The energy box basically is a sealed box that contains most of the devices of the electronics system of the boat, like for example the Energy Management System and the Battery Management System, or the battery. I looked for a motor relay and a solar relay, as well as for a shunt that met all our requirements. I also helped in looking for a motor controller. We happened to find a very good one but it did not have proper cooling, so I designed a water cooling plate with SolidWorks that will be attached to the controller once we manufacture it. Apart from the motor controller, also the battery needs proper cooling, so I had to look for a system based on fans and radiators to make sure the temperature will not go up a certain point and damage the system. Finally, using SolidWorks I designed the box itself with and I assembled all the elements inside with the connections in order to optimise the space. All the elements have already been ordered so I am excited waiting for them to arrive!

Now that the design phase is finished, I will focus on programming the motor controller. Also I will test the devices we designed and ordered, to make sure everything functions properly. As you have probably noticed I have a wide variety of tasks! But that is what I like the most about working in the TU Delft Solar Boat Team, it is a very enriching opportunity that certainly challenges you in many aspects.