Diverse tasks in a diverse year

It has been a couple of months since my last blog, and we have not been standing still in this time. So, there is a lot to talk about.

Last weeks, we, as the TU Delft Solar Boat Team, have been focusing on the production of the body and deck of the boat. Our production does not occur in the Dreamhall, where most other teams build their vehicles or products, but all the way in Overijssel. The size of our boat simply makes production in the Dreamhall impossible. Each week a group of five or more devoted Solar Boat team members go to Rondal, a large shipbuilding company in Overrijsel, where we have are own “little” corner to do our work. “Little”, compared to the large cruise ships Rondal usually works on themselves.

The group of students selected to go to Rondal changes week to week. Only the 3 students responsible for the production of the boat – there is one department dedicated to producing the deck and body – go to this magical place every week. The other 2 to 4 that tag along to Rondal could be any of the students from the other departments.

Halfway this production period, so about three weeks ago, I was selected as one of the chosen ones. I got to help the hull & body department with the boat production. As a person with two left hands, I wasn’t too confident about the week. The first thing that caught my attention, was the amount of work we were supposed to do in those five days. Things needed to happen rapidly and accurately; two things that don’t go hand in hand most of the time. Especially since most of the things we had to do there, were completely new to me and the others.

Although I thought it would be impossible, we reached our goals within the deadline for that week. What I found even more unbelievable, was that I was able to be of good help. I really learned a lot throughout the week, and was quite useful most of the time, though I say so myself.

What that week has shown me, is that even if you think you are not good at something, you have an entire team supporting and helping you, which makes the unthinkable, thinkable. Furthermore, I hope this shows you that working in a Dreamteam like this, can really broaden your abilies and knowledge by getting to help in many different ways.

I hope this gives you another little behind-the-scenes of what we as a “Dreamteam” do in just one year, and that this year can be as varied as you want for you as an EWI student.