Introducing: Esmee Huijten

Hello! My name is Esmee Huijten and I am a second years’ student Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics. I have always been interested in the field of science and technology, and that is why these studies were so appealing to me. During my first year of university, I enjoyed studying and completing my courses a lot. However, the bachelors are both very theoretically oriented and I was missing something practical. I wanted to put my knowledge into practice, to work on a project where I could really make something. Because of that, I chose to join a D:DREAM team.  

What eventually made me choose for the Solar Boat Team, was the passion for the project and the boat that the former team members shared. When I attended the interest lunch last year, all Solar Boat alumni were very enthusiastic about the project and they all valued their time in the Solar Boat team a lot. At this very moment, we have almost finished the first quarter of the academic year, which means that the first concepts for the boat have already been made, and we just entered the so-called ‘Detailed Design’ phase. Although it is still quite early in the year, we have already gained much knowledge and experience. The past quarter has been full of technical meetings, writing reports, presenting our findings and making decisions. The way we work here is much different from projects at the university. There are no predefined tasks or guidelines, and we do not have a manual or study guide in which we can look up how to do everything. Next to that, the decisions that we make have much more impact, and everything we design will be made in real-life. in other words, as opposed to other projects, we are completely self-reliant.

My job in the team is to make a telemetry system. The telemetry system ensures that all gathered data on the boat is processed, stored, and displayed on a user-friendly interface for the strategy team. The system has many different components; the boat, the server, the consumer (which is the strategy team in this case) that all need to work and be able to communicate with each other. Hence, making the telemetry system consists of many components that, in the end, need to be connected to make the system work. This is one of the main reasons why I like this task. Moreover, I like to get more experienced with programming.

I am really looking forward to the rest of the year, at the TU Delft Solar Boat Team. If you ever feel taking on a new challenge and doing an enriching extracurricular project, consider joining the D:DREAM team, to bring your dream into reality!