Programming for the Solar Boat Team

My name is Thomas, and I will be a programmer for the Solar Boat team this year. My background is two years of Applied Mathematics at the TU Delft. Throughout my time in Delft, I have always been attracted to the computer science classes that were introduced in the mathematics study. Especially the practical use of programming has always appealed to me. That is why it was a great opportunity to combine the minor with participating in a Dreamteam as a programmer.

The studies at faculty EEMCS (Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science) lack practical courses throughout the years. This makes it harder to estimate your job possibilities. Dreamteams in Delft put the things you have learnt so far into practice. EWI students are not aware of their value in teams like Solar Boat. And each year there is a scarcity of these students. My task in the team has not exactly been determent since it really depends on this year’s goal. But there is always work in optimizing the steer and fly capabilities for example.  

What I really liked about this team in particular is that each year the team starts from scratch with building the boat. There is of course a lot of interaction between our team and the team members of previous years. So that information is not lost throughout the years. When you build something all the way from scratch the work really feels like your own and I think it is the best way to learn from it. Moreover, the collaboration of students from different studies working together on one project makes transformation of information in different fields possible.

To conclude I would like to ask: do you miss practical usage of your courses and are you looking for a new challenge? Come take a look at the Dreamhall and see which challenges are closest to your heart.