Master Kick-off

Are you starting a Master’s Programme at the EEMCS faculty this September?

All students starting with a Master in Sustainable Energy Technology, Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Embedded Systems in September 2017 are expected to join the Master Kick-Off. The Master kick-Off is the official start of the master’s programmes in the EEMCS faculty.

During the Master Kick-Off you will:

  • Get familiar with the master coordinators and the Research groups in Delft
  • Carry out challenging interdisciplinary assignments
  • Get to know your fellow students
  • Learn more about working in multicultural groups
  • And much more..

When and where the Master Kick-Off 2017 takes place

The Master Kick-Off 2017 will take place on 4, 5 and 6 September in Delft. The first day will take place at Lijm & Cultuur (Rotterdamseweg 272, Delft)

The programme (preliminary)

Day 1 (09:00 – 21:15)

Monday 4 September at Lijm & Cultuur:

  • Opening
  • Meet the Master coordinator
  • Festival of Talks
  • Let’s Talk Lunch
  • Workshop Festival
  • EEMCS Masters Show Off (including dinner)
  • Moving masters (including DJ)

Day 2 & 3 (10.00 – 17.00)

Tuesday and Wednesday 5 & 6 September at TU Delft:

  • Meet the ‘Master’
  • Demo’s and instructions
  • Meet the Market
  • Meet the research groups
  • Meet the master coordinator

You will find more detailed information about the MKO programme on this page soon.


All participants at the Master Kick-Off are expected to register. The registration is open from April 26 until 15th of August 2017.


For further questions about the Master Kick-Off 2017 mail to:


If you are a TU Delft bachelor student and you have any questions concerning admission to the masters programme or if you require a positive advice for admission, please send an email to the academic counsellor: