Alejandro González Puerta

"The opportunity to build complex hardware."


My name is Alejandro González Puerta and I’m a bachelor student in Aerospace Engineering. The first time I heard about the Electrical Engineering for Autonomous Exploration Robots minor, it immediately caught my attention. Along with space flight, robotics has always been one of my passions: creating machines that obey my commands is simply fascinating.

When I joined this minor, I was hoping to learn some of the fundamentals necessary to build advanced robots that I was lacking in Aerospace Engineering and to extend my knowledge of electrical engineering that I acquired during my bachelor. Now that the minor is finished and I can reflect on it, I must say that my expectations were fully satisfied.

I followed Variant II of the minor, which is particularly interesting because you can earn 14 ECTS credits by designing your own project. I was involved in a project managed by Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering (DARE). The aim was to design and build a rocket with active control capabilities that would measure altitude in real time and orient the rocket to our will. Together with 11 other students, and after a whole semester of hard work, we presented the CanSat Launcher V7S – one of DARE’s most advanced and beautiful rockets to date.

One of the greatest things about this minor is that it allows you to work practically full time on a project of your own, and you get rewarded for it with credits. Not to mention that you have the opportunity to build complex hardware with the greatly appreciated support and advice from professors and other students during the project.

Furthermore, you must not forget the knowledge you acquired in the courses of the minor. This will be extremely useful in the future since it will help you to communicate with other electrical engineers, who are present in every field. Finally, one of the things that made the minor so exciting is the friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere that you are immersed in.

If you want to work full time on your own project together with other enthusiastic students, while also extending your knowledge in the field of electrical engineering, don’t think twice: join the Variant II of EE for Autonomous Exploration Robots minor!

Alejandro González Puerta
Student Aerospace Engineering