FAQ for the minor Finance

I started the minor Finance last year, but some courses I did not finish; what should I do?

Do not register again this year, as this would mean taking the spot of another minor student; you already are enrolled, and permitted to finish this year. Furthermore, you should do the usual: enroll in courses on Brightspace and on Osiris for exams. You will not be automatically enrolled on coming year's "Minor Finance" Brightspace page, but if you send the minor coordinator an email in August with the request to enroll you, (s)he will add you; please state the year you first started the minor.

Do I need to register for courses in Osiris?

No, only to their Brightspace pages.

Do I need to register for exams?

Yes, you should. Be aware that the registration window opens 56 days before the exam, and closes 6 days before the exam. The official rules are here: https://www.tudelft.nl/studenten/onderwijs/vakken-en-tentamens/tentamens/aanmelden-voor-tentamens

I am not enrolled in the minor Finance, but I would like to take one of the minor courses; is that possible?

The strict answer is "No", since the minor courses were all designed specifically for the minor. However, there is some room for exceptions. In order to request such an exception, send an email to the minor coordinator including motivation, the course code, and also what study program you are in. Don't forget to check whether you possess adequate prerequisite knowledge.