Our pedagogical model

The model ensures that learners’ needs are at the centre of the learning experience and we use it to promote flexibility and personalisation. It combines science, design and engineering education with online learning concepts.

Guiding principles

The model has eight guiding design principles: support, interactivity, action, contextualisation, innovation, flexibility, diversification and inclusiveness. All of which reflect and support the characteristics of each course type.

It is integrated in the distinct phases of the course creation and delivery process to ensure quality is kept and enhanced during both development and running. In this manner, we align and integrate in our courses the educational processes and the research agenda for open and online learning.

We strive for a learner-centred approach, which is inclusive and accessible to all, to deliver a high-quality learning experience – as described in our Educational Philosophy.

Innovation and course design

TU Delft’s online courses generate massive amounts of data on student behaviour which is collected and analysed. These findings are fed straight into the course design process for each phase – development, run, evaluation. This ensures that innovation becomes part of our course design and delivery strategies. We also use the insights and developments from online learning to benefit and improve campus education. 

We like to share! 

Our course development resources are freely available for others to use on our Online Learning Hub site.

Check out our dedicated training on how to design and teach and online course.

Our educational
model is:

  • Learner-centred 
  • Adaptive
  • Research-based
  • Tested and effective