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In close collaboration with academic leaders, it is our task and responsibility to identify, create, deliver and evaluate programs and professional development offerings that extend our University’s reach beyond the campus. It is thus critical for us to work together with partners on campus to maintain TU Delft’s expertise, brand and mission while opening new markets. 

In this, we maintain a close link between the internationally valued TU Delft expertise and the challenges learners, professionals in particular, are facing. In addition, the strategic and thematic orientation of our education on the societal and industry challenges of tomorrow require that we connect with current public and corporate debate and developments. This is also why professional partners are very often involved in the development of our online courses and programs.

All our courses and programs in continuing education are built with and offered by academic staff and based on their recent and ongoing research on engineering challenges. Typically, TU Delft research is designed and delivered with the involvement of many interested parties, both private and public.

As urban freight systems are vastly different around the world; it is important to share knowledge and experiences from different cities across the globe. To achieve this, we co-built a MOOC with members of the Global Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Urban Freight Systems. This was attended by a wide variety of people, from undergraduate students to seasoned city administrators. It increased our reach and helped us build relationships in areas of expertise.

― Lóránt Tavasszy, Professor Freight Transport and Logistics

Working with academic experts

  • Every course and program is led by a highly capable and responsible TU Delft lecturer, who is a subject matter expert. 
  • Each course and program is a close collaboration between lecturers for the content, learning developers for the instructional design and portfolio directors to find the right match with the learners’ needs.  
  • Our learner-centred didactic approach lets us design and offer education that suits those needs best.

It is key that each course and education program adequately matches professional practices and the challenges learners face now and in the near future. For example, to train people for tomorrow’s energy transition or sustainable cities and mobility, trends and challenges also must be understood. In this way learners acquire the knowledge and skills they can later apply in their professional practices to solve the issues they face in their daily jobs.

To support them further, learners can often bring their own challenges to class and apply new knowledge and skills to deal with them.



Training for lecturers and course teams

Alongside creating online education, we also offer workshops and training to support lecturers and teaching assistants in further developing skills and competencies for (online) education.

Work with us!

Are you a TU Delft academic and do you want to discuss how to contribute to the TU Delft’s mission of educating the world, opening up our education and making your course the next addition to our portfolio? Get in touch with your Faculty Coordinator or access Call for Proposals below.

Call for proposals

Join the over 200 TU Delft lecturers who have designed and delivered great online continuing education. You are invited to submit a proposal for a new course or short program. Your faculty coordinator and our portfolio & product managers are happy to discuss your ideas and to collaborate on a new proposal. For more information just click here.