Ambassador Open Education Award for nine TU Delft lecturers

In occasion of Open Education Week 2022, the Extension School awards honour our colleagues’ commitment to openly sharing knowledge and resources with the world. Congratulations!

The awards recognize the generosity of spirit and efforts in opening up education of one online lecturer at each faculty. “At the Extension School we like sharing. We want the whole world to benefit from the education we develop with our outstanding lecturers, and this is why we make a lot of our content available under a Creative Commons licence, to give people the freedom to reuse these materials”, said Willem van Valkenburg, Executive Director, at the award ceremony (photo below). “Together with the faculty coordinators, we wanted to celebrate openness in education around the globe by putting the spotlight on some of the fantastic work that our lecturers do to educate the world.”

Meet the celebrated Open Education Ambassadors

As praised by the faculty coordinators


Conny Bakker - faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE)

Conny has been involved with MOOCs for IDE since 2015. The MOOC Circular Economy is already in its 15th run and has reached thousands and thousands of learners all over the world. Conny also plays a leading role in the faculty’s other MOOCs on the topic of sustainability and the circular economy. She is always willing to think about new ideas and opportunities, involving lecturers from other faculties, and is a great example of a lecturer who makes use of our online portfolio for campus courses.


Gautham Ram Chandra Mouli – faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)

Gautham is a passionate and engaging instructor and colleague who has undertaken tremendous efforts in creating, redesigning and moderating the highly successful online program Electric Cars. Through this program and the MOOC Technology of Intelligent and Integrated Energy Systems, Gautham has educated several thousands of learners worldwide on vital aspects of the energy transition - contributing to a better tomorrow!


Jill Slinger – faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM)

Jill produced an exceptional open textbook on Building with Nature with a strong interdisciplinary focus that provides a close link with on-campus education, both at CEG and TPM. This was a tremendous amount of work and both the textbook and her MOOC on the subject are used in various programs abroad, from Indonesia to Ghana and South Africa. A great example of Educating the world!


Gillian Saunders – faculty of Aerospace Engineering (AE)

Gillian has been involved in online and open education at the faculty since the very start in 2013. She is very active in developing online courses and in providing opportunities for open learning. Last year, she was one of the 12 finalists for the 2021 edX Prize for Innovation in Online Teaching and has developed a new MOOC on Multidisciplinary Research Methods for Engineers. This award honours her extreme motivation, engagement and quality of online teaching.


Jenny Dankelman – faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE)

Jenny is pioneering online education to make sure that hospital equipment in low-resource settings is not only operational, but also maintained. With her team, she reaches a truly worldwide audience using her MOOC to train people on the maintenance of Biomedical Equipment. This online course also attracts significantly numbers of learners from the Global South. Her contribution to global and sustainable healthcare extends to her contribution to new courses in sustainable surgery.


Marian Bosch-Rekveldt – faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences (CEG)

Marian actively contributes to open education both on campus and online. She is the responsible instructor of two successful MOOCs and is developing an open resource platform to support students during their Masters graduation process. She is a real ambassador of open and online education at the faculty.


Menno Veldhorst – QuTech

Menno has done remarkable work in open education for both on-campus and online formats, including the creation of several successful MOOCs. He is Lead of the QuTech Academy and Extension School Academic Portfolio Director for the Quantum Computing theme, in addition to initiating the development of The School of Quantum, an open platform for quantum technology to make educational material available to people with all levels of expertise. His vision, commitment and outstanding work in open education make him a real ambassador.


Sander Otte – faculty of Applied Sciences (AS)

Sander’s successful Pre-University Physics MOOC is an openly available program aimed at prospective students in any technology discipline throughout the world. Sander took the responsibility to initiate and lead the full process of creating and running this online course, including planning the course structure, recruiting lecturers, guiding teaching assistants and ensuring the high quality of the content. A committed facilitator of open and online education!


Tillmann Klein – faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment (ABE)

Tillmann has been phenomenal in leading a team of colleagues to produce several online courses in collaboration with the Extension School – particularly with a focus on circularity. This award honours his contribution to open and online education and also his way of working: his unique ability to bring people together, give everyone a voice, and inspire them to go above and beyond.