Improve Campus Education

Created with campus education in mind

Online teaching methods and materials that are developed for online courses are re-used in our own campus. The benefits of such blended learning approach include higher completion rates, higher average grades, more flexibility for students in the use of resources and for lecturers in choosing which elements to include in the interactive classroom sessions. Some courses include learning exchanges between campus students and working professionals that bring added value to both groups.

I noticed that using elements from online education in my campus courses helped those students who passed to do better. Students watching interactive components and doing virtual experiments also frees up more classroom time to address issues they are struggling with.

― Calvin Rans, Assistant Professor Applied Probability

Benefiting our lecturers

Delivering and developing an online course is an opportunity for lecturers to re-think and re-evaluate their courses and didactical approach, thus often improving the way they teach and organise their campus courses too. By applying innovative online approaches, lecturers are better equipped in effective ICT techniques to enhance the learning process of their students. They become more knowledgeable and skilled on how to create and integrate active learning elements in their courses, such as interactive assignments, quizzes, exercises and attractive videos; how to motivate students, communicate with them online, use discussion forums, organise peer feedback and alternative ways to conduct assessments.

I have found that developing online courses has had a direct, positive impact on me as a teacher and on the delivery of campus education. The re-evaluation process and the incorporation of the feedback improved the quality of education, whilst supplying additional, relevant materials to use with campus students.

― Hans de Bruijn, Professor Public Administration, Organisation and Management

Transitioning effectively

At a time when institutions around the world faced the often-overwhelming challenge of having to move to remote teaching nearly overnight due to the corona virus pandemic TU Delft was able to draw on the experience, tools and methods already developed for online education and thus quickly and effectively support its lecturers in this transition.