Future of Transportation

The ever-growing need for freight and passenger transport brings engineers and society the challenge of reducing pollution and congestion and of increasing safety. The role of transport in sustainable development has been recognized decades ago, nevertheless the urgency is increasing. Why? Transport has a serious impact on the environment, accounting for a significant share of the world`s energy consumption and emissions.

As one of the leading European universities in the field of technology, TU Delft is duty-bound to address the urgent and complex challenges that are facing not just our generation but the generations to follow here and elsewhere in the world. Our online portfolio supports individuals and companies who want to contribute to finding solutions for a more sustainable transport system.

Land, air and water transport

As transport over land, air and water needs to undergo major changes to become more environmentally friendly, the aim is to reduce these harmful emissions and make transport cleaner, faster, safer, more comfortable and more affordable.  Advanced technology and innovation will play a significant role in preparing for sustainable transportation.

Many vehicles will run on alternative fuels. Smart policy and new business approaches, traffic operations and management will be essential to shape future transportation and its systems. For example, more shared and self-driving vehicles will require fewer parking spaces. This would result in more public space and greenery, which in turn improves air quality and biodiversity. Moreover, vegetation can serve as water storage and reduce heat stress due to climate change. In addition, designing public spaces to encourage walking and cycling could also stimulate a healthy lifestyle and lead to a better quality of life.

Our online education courses and programs enable engineers, managers and users to gain skills and knowledge about relevant development concerning cars, cargo, maritime, rail, cycling and flight to help create such a future.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our courses and programs are aligned with several of the UN SDGs. By equipping learners with the necessary knowledge and skills, we aim to accellerate the positive impact individuals and organisations can have on the challenges we collectively face. Our Future of Transportation portfolio contributes to the goals below.