Medical Technology

The challenges facing good healthcare provision for the exponentially growing world population are several and many-faceted. They encompass issues as diverse as the rising costs of healthcare, its scalability and its quality; the importance of the patient experience and the move to personalised bespoke medicine; the need to maintain a high-quality of life for aging populations, and the imperative for rigorous, often large-scale monitoring of treatments and tools, including that of increasingly integrated medical  technologies (MedTech), all while safeguarding the utilisation of associated big data and devising appropriate assessment systems, standards and regulations.

In this complex, multi-actors system, MedTech is also seeing the rise of early diagnostics tools, robotic surgery, rehabilitation and mobility devices, as well as innovations in areas such as stem cells research, regenerative therapies and biomedical materials. All this involves disciplines as diverse as those dealing with electronics, materials, design, data and automation - to name a few.

Collaborative work for successful solutions

Our university plays an important role in the development of MedTech, such as advanced endoscopic devices, diagnostics instruments, training systems and even surgical procedures. In our advanced research and academic work, we firmly recognise that the good development and implementation of life-saving MedTech innovations require a co-creative approach between medical and technical specialists,  in a collaborative community of invested stakeholders. 

Our online courses and programs in this field, offer interested learners – surgeons, educators, hospital staff, MedTech scientists and engineers – knowledge and skills that also benefit from the value of such collaborative approach, where hospital and engineering departments work side-by-side. As a result, we offer online education that is based on the latest research and applicable to real world situations. 

Clinical use, technology, design and reprocessing are all key elements in keeping our health care systems healthy and affordable, while adopting innovative, successful MedTech solutions for all. 

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our courses and programs are aligned with several of the UN SDGs. By equipping learners with the necessary knowledge and skills, we aim to accellerate the positive impact individuals and organisations can have on the challenges we collectively face. Our Medical Technology portfolio contributes to the goal below.