Sustainable Cities

The ever-growing urban society leads to increasing pressure on the built environment, the carbon footprint, natural resources, and raw materials. Cities will become more sustainable through new approaches to urban planning, affordable and zero-energy housing, wastewater treatment, waste reduction and re-use of materials, and, eventually, via circular products and buildings. The scope for continuing education is wide.

We aim to contribute to resilient and sustainable cities and help the world deal with climate change and other physical, social, and economic urban adversities and challenges. Our courses about sustainable cities provide knowledge and skills in the use of smart social, technological and political innovations to many, from consumers and property owners to architects, product designers and engineers.

A wide mix of key players

Architects, architectural designers, building technologists and building engineers are for instance looking for new knowledge and skills about energy, climate and resource efficiency that can be successfully and profitably applied to the design, construction and management of the built environment. Policymakers, urbanists and city planners can learn how to plan, create and manage urban spaces and local environments in more sustainable, participatory and inclusive ways. Additionally, new circular ways of designing and manufacturing products will increase sustainability and help resilience to climate change.

Courses for all parties

Our courses help product architects, industrial designers, managers, entrepreneurs and business innovators to improve their knowledge and skills in sustainable design as well as circular economy principles and techniques to secure supply of materials, reduce waste and maximize value creation.

The continuing education we offer about sustainable cities is often developed in close collaboration with industry and covers a broad range of approaches and solutions, from a technical or engineering perspective and complementary with an eye for encompassing policy and social and economic factors.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our courses and programs are aligned with several of the UN SDGs. By equipping learners with the necessary knowledge and skills, we aim to accellerate the positive impact individuals and organisations can have on the challenges we collectively face. Our Sustainable Cities portfolio contributes to the goals below.