The Extension School works closely with faculty experts,  partners in academia and industry, and learners, to develop socially relevant online education; to research, innovate and improve online and campus teaching and learning; and to share lessons and insights with others.


We are an independent organisation within the TU Delft’s University Corporate Office and as such our management team reports directly to the Executive Board. Our international team of about 30 experts works closely with academic colleagues in faculties.

Our team provides knowledge and support in:

  • course development, instructional design and didactical support (incl. assessments, online proctoring and accreditation);
  • learner experience (incl. study support and course moderation);
  • learning technology (incl. data access and performance analysis and video publishing);
  • portfolio & marketing (incl.  business development and management, portfolio structure and marketing);
  • administration (from admission and registration to certification);
  • website & communication (incl. product and content management and strategic outreach).

Faculty management, academic experts and external partners are welcome members of our Strategic, Advisory and Quality Assurance boards. Their participation and co-ownership of the portfolio supports our ability to fulfil our mission.

Our Team

Details will be available soon.