Marta Scali

Bio-inspired needles 
Wasp ovipositors are needle-like structures used to move through fruits or wood to lay eggs inside hosts. Inspired by this structure, we developed a new generation of bio-inspired needles that can self-propel inside the tissue and steer without buckling.

Marta Scali
Female, 30
PhD researcher Delft University of Technology
Biomechanical Engineering

I was born in a small village in the middle of the Tuscan countryside, in Italy. I studied at the scientific high school in Montepulciano, then I moved to Pisa to follow the Bachelor and Master in Biomedical Engineering. I graduated with a 9-months project carried out in Trondheim (Norway) supported by the Erasmus Placement scholarship. After my graduation, I stayed in Norway for other 8-months working as a researcher at the SINTEF Medical Technology group. I started my PhD at TU Delft in 2015 and I am now finalizing my thesis. Living in different countries taught me a lot about the different communications style that people have. It's quite interesting to see how my character has developed thanks to that. During my free time, I love playing beach volley and baking.

FameLab entry reasons
I decided to enter FameLab to learn how to communicate an interesting message, such as a scientific study, in the most effective way. I like being challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone. Presenting science in 3 minutes sounds like the perfect challenge to me. I hope to learn how to communicate clearly and efficiently, confident and calm to better transmit the message of my talk.