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Where can I find Promotion Material for the final report?

Here you can find and download promotion material to be used for the final report. 

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Who can apply for a grant?
  • Individual students: only registered TU Delft students can apply for funding at Delft University Fund.
  • Associations: only registered TU Delft study associations can apply for funding at Delft University Fund.
What grant can I apply for?

Delft University Fund only approves applications which are related to a TU Delft study programme or which are based on TU Delft technology. You can apply for a grant at Delft University Fund if you are planning one of the below mentioned activities:

  • Study or research at a non-partner university or a non-commercial institution.
  • Organisation of an event related to technology and social impact.
  • Visiting a conference at which you present your own research.
  • Participation in a competition related to technology and social impact.

Please note: a financial contribution from your faculty may be a prerequisite in order to qualify for a grant at Delft University Fund. Check the specific conditions for a Study & Research Grant and for a Competition & Conference Grant.

Ambitious idea
Do you have another great impactful idea which does not match the above mentioned activities? We invite you to get in touch with us if your idea meets the below guidlines:

  • Your activity/project clearly reflects ambition;
    • is innovative, is organized / implemented for the first time, or
    • does not happen regularly, or
    • has a large outreach (at least 500 people) or
    • contributes to a higher (social) goal, driven by knowledge and technology at TU Delft.
  • Your activity/project must be related to technology at TU Delft
  • The project revolves around 100% student involvement and commitment.
  • You are registered as a student at TU Delft.


How do I apply for a grant?

A grant application can be done via

In this portal we ask you to provide the following information regarding your grant application:

1. Activity: details about the activity (what, where & why) 

2. Motivation: short explanation why this activity is important for you and TU Delft

3. Promotion: agreement on how you can promote Delft University Fund in return for receiving a grant

4. Budget: details about your finances

5. Personal details

6. Upload the following documents:

  • A signed letter from your faculty stating the amount of their financial contribution (mandatory if your application requires a faculty contribution)
  • A signed letter from your faculty stating the amount of ECTS you will receive for the activity (mandatory if you receive more than 10 ECTS and you apply without a contribution from your faculty)
  • A signed letter of acceptance from your supervisor abroad (mandatory for all applications regarding a study/research abroad)
When is the deadline for submitting my application?

Applications should be submitted no less than two weeks prior to commencement of the activity.

Who will asses my grant application?

The FAST student committee will be your contact point during the application process. The assessment of all applications is done by Delft University Fund and the Executive Grant Committee (EGC).

Please note: the decision to award a grant is at the absolute discretion of the Delft University Fund and the Executive Grant Committee. Decisions regarding the amount of the granted funding or rejection of the application are not open to appeal.

Who is my representative in the Executive Grant Committee?

BK: Prof. V.H. Gruis
TPM: Drs.J.K. Dekker
AE: ir. J.A. Melkert
AS (builing 58, programmes LST, MST+ChmeE and NB): ir. P.L.J.Swinkels
AS (building 22, programmes TN+AP and SEC) dr. C.W.Hagen
CEG-CT: M.C.M. Bakker
CEG-TA: dr. M.E. Donselaar
IDE: prof.dr. P. Vink
EEMCS: A. Smets
3mE: B.J. Boersma

How is the grant paid?

Payment is made after the submission of the final declaration by the applicant via

Please note the following regulations regarding payment:

  • The final declaration must be received within 1 month of the activity's conclusion. Any rights you might be entitled to regarding payment of the granted funding will lapse with this same period.
  • Delft University Fund guarantees that you will receive a predetermined amount to compensate for a budget deficit, provided that the expected deficit in your budget actually occurs. You can show this afterwards by submitting your final declaration. If the deficit in this declaration is smaller than expected, the amount of the grant will be lowered accordingly. If the deficit is the same or higher than expected, you will receive the amount allocated in advance, provided that all requirements have been met.
  • If the applicant does not complete the agreed promotion activities, the granted funding can be cancelled at any time by Delft University Fund. Proof of the completed promotion activities needs to be included in the final declaration.



Why and how do I become a student donor at Delft University Fund?

All grants are made possible thanks to donations from former students to Delft University Fund. We want everyone to be aware of these generous donors and we ask all students who receive a grant to help pay it forward to future students with similar ambitions.

All individual students (including groups up to 5 persons) have to become student donor to Delft University Fund as soon as their grant has been awarded. This is an annual direct debit of 5 euro for minimum 1 year. This form has to be submitted before the final declaration is submitted. 

Whom can I contact for further information?

If you still have questions after reading all the information on our website, you can contact the FAST student committee.

All students are welcome for an informal talk during their weekly information hour. No registration or appointment is needed.

When: Every Monday
Time: 12:45 – 13:30 PM
Where: TU Delft Aula, main hall ground floor, next to the reception.

In case you have an urgent question and no time to visit  FAST, send them an email via:

Is a faculty contribution always required to apply for a grant at Delft University Fund?

A faculty contribution is always required when submitting a Competition & Conference application. For a Study & Research application, it depends on the amount of ECTS you receive for the project. If you receive 10 ECTS or more, a faculty contribution is not necessary. When submitting an application for an ambitious idea, a faculty contribution is not required.

Where can I get a proof of the ECTS that I’ll receive for the project?

You can get a proof of your ECTS at the board of examiners of your faculty.

How can I apply for a faculty contribution?

You can apply for  a faculty contribution at the department where your project is connected to, or you can ask the Executive Grant Committee of your faculty for more information about available grants within your faculty. The list of Executive Grant Committee members is listed above.

Is there a minimum amount of faculty contribution required to apply for a grant?

No, but Delft University Fund will match the faculty contribution (with a maximum of 250 euro per person for a destination within EU or 500 euro per person for a destination outside EU). So if you are going to America, for example, the maximum amount granted by FAST would be 500 euros. However, if your faculty contributes 300 euros, the maximum amount that FAST would grant is 300 euros.

Does the amount of ECTS that I received for a course (connected to a competition/conference), count as ECTS for my competition or conference application?

No, for a Competition & Conference application, a faculty contribution is always required and ECTS are not taken into account.

When will my application be processed?

We aim to process  each application within 1 month after receiving the complete application. 

I have recently graduated, is it possible to still apply for a grant to present my thesis paper at a conference?

Yes, recently graduated students (max 1 year after graduation) can still apply for a grant from Delft University Fund, as long as the application is connected to their thesis.