Working on the organisation of your own event related to technology at TU Delft? Check the below flowchart to see if your event is eligible for funding:

Event criteria

  • The event should be organized by TU Delft students
  • The event needs to reach out to a diverse and multi-disciplinary audience
  • The event needs to be related to technology and the culture at TU Delft 
  • The event should be new: organized for the first time (not a regular yearly event)
  • The event needs to have an innovative nature: We want to challenge you to plan an event in a new format that goes beyond the traditional events at TU Delft. Set ambitious goals and clear milestones for yourself that will bring society or/and technology further. 
  • The grant should be used for the essential costs of the event
  • The event should help students to develop complementary skills
  • The exposure of the event benefits the brand TU Delft