Check the criteria below to see if your application is eligible for funding:

Promotional requirements


We believe that working together with the study associations of TU Delft, we from FAST can enhance the importance of the University Fund amongst students and make our grants more accessible to your members. Study associations have many promotional channels in which they interact with their members every day. Using the outreach and target group of these channels would be of great help for us to make FAST better known among all students. We therefore ask study associations to help us to spread the word. 


In return for a grant we ask you to post: 


1. One general information post or video about the FAST committee and our grants. 


2. One ‘inspiration wall’ post with an example of a student who recieved a grant (preferably of your own faculty). 


Once your application has been granted you will be given a website link to a webpage with all the promotional material ready to use.

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