Study or research within Europe

In order to check if your study or research activity qualifies for funding from Delft University Fund, you need to check if the university at which your activity takes place has an official registered partnership with TU Delft. If you're not sure, you can check this via the yellow button on the right side of this page. When your activity does not take place at a university, Delft University Fund only offers a funding possibility if the activity takes place at a non-commercial institution. 

Not sure if the concerned university is a partner university of TU Delft?

Check it here

Average grade of 8 or higher? You might also want to check this grant opportunity:

Justus van Effen Research Grant

Partner university

Delft University Fund does not offer grants for students planning study or research at a partner university within the EU. There are other funding possibilities at TU Delft. We recommend you to check the ERASMUS+ scholarship via the button below.

Non-partner university or non-commercial institution

Delft University Fund offers a grant for students who spend a period of study or research at a foreign non-partner university or non-commercial institution. The maximum funding you could be granted is  €250,- (max €1250,- for groups)*. Check the conditions via the button below.



* The amount of funding may depend on the faculty’s financial contribution and can be lower than the maximum mentioned amount. The decision to award a grant is at the absolute discretion of the Delft University Fund and the Executive Grant Committee. Decisions regarding the amount of the granted funding are not open to appeal.