Falling Walls Lab Delft

Falling Walls Lab Delft creates a space to showcase innovation for young researchers, entrepreneurs and students. The event of Falling Walls Lab Delft was held to support and spread breakthrough ideas to become effective and more impactful in the short term. Falling Walls Lab Delft organised an event where emerging young innovators shared their ideas with an interdisciplinary audience and jury, in 3 minute talks.
There were more than 400 attendees in total between Gather, Youtube and Facebook, with 16 global participants, from over 12 nationalities, 6 high caliber jurors and 2 prizes. The first place winner was Theo Issitt for Breaking the Wall of The Smell of Cells.
Thanks to FAST, Falling Walls Lab Delft has been able to provide its participants a workshop with a professional coach, Raoul Beeldsnijder, on how to pitch, to edit and print a book as a participation present for jurors and winners, to provide food and drinks to the physical participants and to get the best equipment for a smooth and seamless experience both for the physical and for the digital environment.
“Today we are here to help students, researches and young entrepreneurs to expose their impactful ideas and be implemented faster and better” - Andrea Riccio

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