The idea of the event, Festable, was to make students more aware of the importance of sustainability, both in a conscious and unconscious way. Goal was to emphasize that awareness around sustainability can be done in a fun and trendy way. Festable was a way to combine fun activities with education about sustainability.

Festable consisted of three main activities. Beforehand a DJ contest was organised in which everyone could participate. The four winners of this contest were invited to play their set at a special and unique spot in the city centre of Delft: on top of the water tower in Delft.

The second event that was organized, were friday afternoon drinks at Ichange in Delft. Ichange is a very unique location that is already very concerned with sustainability, which made it the perfect place. During the entire event there was a DJ who provided music to create a chill and relaxed atmosphere. Furthermore, Maarten Oosting was invited to give an interesting and interactive lecture on leadership and sustainability.

The last event took place at Vakwerkhuis in Delft. This event was hosted by DGTL, an organisation that strives for a circular festival. The event consisted of an interactive and interesting case on how a sustainable festival can be created.

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