Field Research Macababe, the Philippines

“The grant has come as due recognition of our work and it instilled in us, an urge to work better to reach greater heights”

The Philippines is one of the most disaster-prone areas in the world. The people have to deal with the consequences of the earthquakes, typhoons and floods regularly. Most common of these are floods, especially in the Macababe project location, on the banks of the Pampanga River. Besides this, the living conditions of the low-income group are very low. To deal with this, researchers have been working on the construction of sustainable amphibious buildings in the flood-prone areas of South-East Asia. The project of Reji and Wietse was based on this research.

Wietse did his research on the design of amphibious floating classrooms, providing the students with a safe environment in flood-prone areas. Reji did his research on the evaluation of the indoor environment quality of the pilot project, to improve the design of the housing type.

By doing tests, interviews and site visits, Wietse and Reji obtained valuable information that was used to conduct their research.

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