Galveston Bay Flood Protection Project

How can you prevent the Galveston Bay region from suffering from hurricanes? Six students went to the United States to create an integrated, multi-disciplinary flood protection plan.

The coasts of the Gulf of Mexico have been ravaged by hurricanes for ages. During hurricane Ike in 2008, it became evident that the current coping mechanisms against hurricanes and the storm surge that regularly accompany it, are insufficient. Before the six students went to the United States, plans were already made to create the “Coastal Spine”, a combination of flood protection measures meant to protect the Galveston Bay area and the barrier island itself. 

By going there, they were able to test the alternatives which were proposed in earlier research on sociopolitical, environmental and technical aspects in an unbiased way. They gathered information about the region and exchanged knowledge with the local university. Eventually, they were able to advise the policy makers their decision-making process regarding a flood defense system for the Galveston Island and Bay area.

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