Let’s Talk Water

The Delft University Fund allowed Camille, a master student Watermanagement from CEG, to travel to Chennai, India. She presented the preliminary tool developed in her graduation project to local stakeholders like water authorities and residents of Chennai. The tool is a rooftop rainwater harvesting (RRWH) tool called ‘’Let’s Talk Water’’. It provides technically sound information on the RRWH design and its impacts on the urban hydrology.

With the tool, she was able to demonstrate quantitatively the potential to leverage a simple decentralized RRWH system using a multi-purpose approach to mitigate urban water challenges in Chennai. The objectives of this tool are to allow users (i.e resident of Chennai) to make informed decisions and raise awareness on the benefits of RRWH. From this research visit, Camille was able to collect inputs and feedback from key stakeholders to adapt the tool to the local context and also validate the tool using a real case study.

The harsh reality of many graduate students is that after investing so much time and effort in improving science their work remains in the academic world. Co-creating the ‘’Let’s Talk Water’’ tool with local stakeholders was crucial to ensure its ownership and its usefulness. This grant has indirectly given Camille the opportunity to bring research into practice. 

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