Presentation at European Transport Conference

 As part of the Msc Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics-programme, groups of students were asked to do a design project within one of the courses. During the fall of 2021, the applicants worked in close collaboration with the Dutch Railways (NS) to come up with ways by which NS might be able to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Johan Klaas, Florian, Alejandro, Ziru and Reddhi Uday came up with an innovative solution to reduce COVID-19 infection risk in public transport systems. In the design paper the authors present a concept which makes railway services more resilient to pandemics. This effect is achieved by redistributing passenger flows to and from train stations.

Their supervisors were impressed with their innovative solution and encouraged them to give a presentation at the European Transport Conference 2021. With the help of FAST, the students were able to attend the conference and present their paper. Their work is titled: “Station crowd redistribution and pandemic resilience: access and egress-based solutions to station crowding”.

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