Safe and clean drinking water in Costa Rica

As a follow up of earlier research done by students in Costa Rica, these three students went to Costa Rica to continue with research on safe drinking water. Their task was to translate the results into a design of a full-scale plant for the removal of chemicals.

In the third semester of 2019-2020, Soesja, Lilly and Josien went to Costa Rica for their Bachelor Thesis. They did research on the improvement of using groundwater for drinking water at TEC, (Tecnológico de Costa Rica). Three research topics within the subject were investigated. It contained reports about the removal of fluoride, arsenic and manganese. The research outcomes together contribute to the same goal: Safe and clean drinking water for everyone in Costa Rica.

For the students, it was the first time doing research in an actual lab. Learning how to measure the reactants and cleaning the equipment the proper way, were things they had not learned in the bachelor programme yet.  Combining this with doing measurements in the field made the trip very instructive.

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