Students help preserve the coral reefs on the planet!

Reef support is a non-profit social enterprise founded by students of the TU Delft. Their mission is to protect and restore marine ecosystems by using satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to track and monitor reef bleaching.

Reef Support develops a data collection mechanism to collect images and give insights about ecological succession on coral reefs. By collaborating with research stations, the marine biologists can analyze the data and learn about animal populations and their behavior. By mapping the coral degradation they can support the ongoing conservation and restoration works to ultimately let the coral reefs recover.

With the FAST Ambitious Idea grant of 15.000 euros, Reef Support is able to purchase the necessary datasets to train their computer models, to further develop their software and to expand their team.

Do you have an idea that you want to develop further? Apply for the FAST Ambitious Idea grant and your dream project may soon come true!

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