Water For Young Sierra Leonean Entrepreneurs!

Laurens, Tetsuo and Rolf are three students from the minor International Entrepreneurship & Development. Together with the Sierra Leonean organization SEP-SL, they built three water pumps in Sierra Leone to decrease youth unemployment and stimulate entrepreneurship.

To financially support this project, they did a crowdfunding campaign via the platform of the Delft University Fund. After a few weeks of preparation, the students got their own page and started  their campaign. Four weeks and almost 150 donations later, they raised more than 5500 euros, raising more than 165% of their target amount!

This project is an example of the handful of projects from the minor International Entrepreneurship & Development that were supported using the crowdfunding platform of the University Fund.

Do you want to know more about their experiences? Read this article: https://online.fliphtml5.com/emngs/odpy/#p=36 where they tell about their trip to Sierra Leone!

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