At Delft FinTech lab we want to enable our industrial partners with our strength in developing software and financial technology solutions. You can collaborate with us in three forms as listed above. Contact us at for further information and exploring collaboration.



Delft FinTech lab can be your partner for short term and long term trans-disciplinary research. Our 50+ researchers with a wide range of expertise can work with you to identify challenges, research on pre-competitive technologies and to deploy the developed solutions in your day-to-day processes. We can work with students, PhDs and Post doctorates to tackle your specific challenges. 


The Delft FinTech Lab provides a fertile playground for educational activities. These include education in TU Delft bachelor and master programmes, upskilling programs for executives and professionals, and traineeship programs like X!Lead. We also welcome challenges from you to help our students develop real-world problem-solving skills. 


Startups in the FinTech space are rapidly disrupting existing business models by offering services which were not possible before, to a wider audience. With Intellectual property generated from research, we want to facilitate the generation of Ventures and also support Intrapreneurship.