The Board of Delft University of Technology has made a decision-in-principle for a next step towards realising DAPwell in July 2018. A project team is currently working on finalising the business case and administrative issues that come with an infrastructure project that involves many on campus. Though major steps have now been taken towards a possible geothermal well on campus, a final decision will take some additional time. This extra time is needed to acquire various permits, as well as to go from the current design outline to a detailed technical design of the well. This process will be executed together with a professional, well-established operator. Only if all requirements have been met, DAPwell will eventually be drilled. This is planned to take place in 2020.

In addition, the heating systems of existing TU Delft buildings needs to be retrofitted to allow for lower temperature input than is currently the case.

Only buildings on campus will be supplied with heat from the well. If there is a clear demand and wish to connect other buildings on/near the campus to the heating system, the project might be expanded at a later stage.