Need support in finding and applying for funding? TU Delft | Global Initiative has a few small funds to catalyse science and technology for global development. We also select all other relevant opportunities for external funding, and we can assist with your application.

Delft Global Funds

Delft Global | Staff Exchange fund

Fund to promote and strengthen cooperation between researchers of the TU Delft and researchers of universities in developing countries. It provides the opportunity to apply for a grant for staff exchange (a visit of a foreign researcher to TU Delft or a visit of a Delft researcher to a university in a developing country).

More information: Description & Application form

No deadline: a proposal can be submitted at any time

Delft Global | Writing Support

Writing Support is an instrument to support researchers who are planning to apply for a large research project or program in the field of global development research. The instrument co-finances the costs for writing support.

More information: Description

Other Funds

Conservation, Food and Health Foundation | project grants

The Conservation, Food and Health Foundation invites applications for its project grants. These support projects in the developing world in the fields of conservation, food and health.

Max. budget: ~ 25 k €

Deadline: every year on January 1 or July 1

NWO - Open Technology Programme

The Open Technology Programme (OTP) focuses on scientific and technical research and is characterised by an absence of disciplinary boundaries.

Max. budget:
For each project, the NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences contributes a maximum of 750,000 euros (including VAT). For projects with an investment character (> 250,000 euros in equipment), this contribution is a maximum of 1 million euros (including VAT).

Deadline: OTP reseach proposals can be submitted on a continuous basis: there is no deadline for the Open Technology Programme.

Global Innovation Fund

Innovative solutions to global development challenges with the potential for substantially greater impact than existing approaches, especially for poor and vulnerable groups.

No Deadline: a proposal can be submitted at any time. Grants from $50.000 to $15 million USD

Crowdfunding for your research

TU Delft now has its own crowdfunding platform that can help you take your research to the next level. With a crowdfunding campaign, you can raise amounts up to 5600 euro to fund small stepping stones for your project, such as a prototype or certain tools. Meanwhile, your research gets exposed to the greater public and you acquire skills on communication, marketing and storytelling. 

For more information:

No deadline: a proposal can be submitted at any time

Lloyd's Register Foundation

This Foundation supports scientific research globally by awarding grants to research and education organisations. They fund both fundamental (low-TRL) research and more applied technology development. They prefer to invest in building sustainable research teams working on longer-term research challenges of importance to society, to enhance the safety of the engineering infrastructure on which modern society relies.

No deadline: a proposal can be submitted at any time. They have an initial review stage most months of the year.

NWO India Call / Pre-Announcement)

The India-Netherlands Joint Working Committee will choose a mission-driven, multidisciplinary approach and finance one coherent research program made up of several individual projects. Theme “Water.” 

No deadline: a proposal can be submitted at any time

Advance Notice Cooperation Indonesia – the Netherlands Call

The call for proposals invites interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary consortia to submit research proposals on certain aspects on renewable energy. There should be two principal investigators, one based in the Netherlands and one in Indonesia.

Budget: €700,000

Vooraankondiging Science Diplomacy Fund – Call for Ideas (Information in Dutch)

NWO start een nieuw fonds waarmee activiteiten op het terrein van science diplomacy zullen worden georganiseerd met landen waarmee Nederland zijn diplomatieke betrekkingen wil intensiveren. In januari 2020 zal een eerste call for ideas worden gepubliceerd.

Pre-Announcement – NWO NWA Sustainable Development Goals

Early 2020, NWO will launch a new research programme on the interaction between SDGs in developing countries. Total of 6 million available for 3 consortia. Deadline for pre-proposals will likely be end March.

More information: 

Partners voor Water: Waterveiligheid en Waterzekerheid Stedelijke Delta’s (WWSD) (Information in Dutch)
Innovative Medical Devices Initiative

Information only in Dutch

IMDI Technologie voor Bemensbare Zorg
Dit betekent dat bij de subsidieaanvraag de basis- en werkingsprincipes van de technologie duidelijk zijn, maar het experimenteel bewijs nog ontbreekt (TRL 1). In het project wordt een proof of concept ontwikkeld van deze technologie (TRL 3). Deze zogenaamde doorbraakprojecten vormen een basis voor nieuwe onderzoekslijnen en samenwerkingsverbanden in de toekomst.

Deze subsidieoproep staat open voor projectgroepen waarin onderzoekorganisaties 1 en ondernemingen2 (zorginstellingen3 en/of bedrijven) samenwerken.

Er kan maximaal €125.000,- subsidie worden aangevraagd.

5 december 2019,
14.00 uur

Meer informatie

NWO Open Competition - SSH Non-programmed, Curiosity-driven research - round 2020

The funding instrument NWO Open Competition – SSH for non-programmed, curiosity-driven research is aimed at research projects with a research question rooted primarily in the social sciences and/or humanities.

The maximum amount of funding that can be requested per application is €  750,000. There is no minimum amount. The maximum funding period is six years for the entire project.

Pre-proposals (compulsory) should be received by NWO before 16 January 2020, 14:00 hours CET.
Full proposals should be received by NWO before 9 July 2020, 14:00 hours CEST.

More information

Coming soon: two new calls with India

India is becoming an increasingly important partner for the Netherlands in the search for and discovery of innovative solutions to global challenges. Together with the Indian partners Department of Science & Technology (DST) and Department of Biotechnology (DBT), NWO joins forces on the following themes: Water, Agro Food, and Life Sciences & Health.

India and The Netherlands will soon launch two new calls for proposals, focussing on further stimulating joint, impact-oriented research between Dutch and Indian researchers.

Climate smart agriculture

Climate smart agriculture will be the theme of the joint call of NWO and DBT. The main objective of this call is to support interdisciplinary research and innovative approaches in order to develop application-oriented solutions for adaptation of agriculture to incremental climate change and/or increased climatic variability. These solutions should aim at balancing trade-offs and amplifying synergies between economic development and social demands while simultaneously preserving the environment.

The call for proposals aims to contribute to climate smart agriculture, and is expected to be published in the first half of November.

The impact of agriculture on the Ganga water system

NWO and DST will launch a new joint call on Water. This call aims to contribute to Cleaning the Ganga, a high priority field of the Indian and Dutch governments and water sector. The specific focus will be on the impact of agriculture on the Ganga water system and related scopes for interventions, in the Hindon sub-basin. Research is expected to build on existing knowledge and link to ongoing relevant (public-private) partnerships. Project proposals should have an interdisciplinary research approach, making optimal use of Indian-Dutch research strengths in both technology and social sciences.

The DST-call aims to contribute to the cleaning the Ganga programme with a focus on agri-water systems, and is expected to be published in December.

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