Need support in finding and applying for funding? TU Delft | Global Initiative has a few small funds to catalyse science and technology for global development. We also select all other relevant opportunities for external funding, and we can assist with your application.

Delft Global Funds

Delft Global | Staff Exchange Fund

Fund to promote and strengthen cooperation between researchers of the TU Delft and researchers of universities in developing countries. It provides the opportunity to apply for a grant for staff exchange (a visit of a foreign researcher to TU Delft or a visit of a Delft researcher to a university in a developing country).

No deadline: a proposal can be submitted at any time
More information: Description & Application form

No deadline: a proposal can be submitted at any time

Delft Global | Writing Support

Writing Support is an instrument to support researchers who are planning to apply for a large research project or program in the field of global development research. The instrument co-finances the costs for writing support.

More information: Description

No deadline: a proposal can be submitted at any time

Other Funds

LEaDingFellows Postdocs Programme

Provides researchers (worldwide), who recently obtained a PhD, the opportunity to gain two years of work experience.

More information

Opening 3rd call: 1 September 2018

NWO India Call (Pre-Announcement)

The India-Netherlands Joint Working Committee will choose a mission-driven, multidisciplinary approach and finance one coherent research program made up of several individual projects. Theme “Water.” 

No deadline

NWO | Open Technology Program (OTP)

The Open Technology Programme (OTP) focuses on scientific and technical research and is characterised by an absence of disciplinary boundaries. Research proposals are assessed by international and independent experts on the basis of specific questions about excellent scientific quality and utilisation.

More information

No deadline: proposals can be submitted on a continuous basis. 

Lloyd’s Register Foundation

This Foundation supports scientific research globally by awarding grants to research and education organisations. They fund both fundamental (low-TRL) research and more applied technology development. They prefer to invest in building sustainable research teams working on longer-term research challenges of importance to society, to enhance the safety of the engineering infrastructure on which modern society relies.

More information

No deadline: a proposal can be submitted any time. They have an initial review stage most months of the year.

Global Innovation Fund

Innovative solutions to global development challenges with the potential for substantially greater impact than existing approaches, especially for poor and vulnerable groups.

More information

No Deadline: Grants from $50.000 to $15 million USD

NUFFIC Orange Knowledge Programme

Objective is to contribute to a society’s sustainable and inclusive development by strengthening the skills and knowledge of both individuals, groups of individuals and organisations.

Deadlines: TMT (part of the countries) June 2018, institutional cooperation summer 2018, other TMTS twice a year June and Autumn.

IEEE's 'Empower a Billion Lives Competition'

IEEE Empower a Billion Lives is a global competition aimed at fostering innovation to develop solutions to electricity access. Solutions are expected to be scalable, regionally relevant, holistic, and leverage 21st century technologies with exponentially declining prices.

More information

Competition Guide

Deadline: Aug 31, 2018 

NWO “Refugees in Science”

The aim is to fund one-year appointments for academics who have fled their home country and wish to continue their scientific career in the Netherlands. Candidates must hold a master's degree or a doctorate and must have been granted refugee status in the Netherlands.

More information

Deadline: September 13, 2018

Pre-Announcement Call Senior CGIAR-Experts

The Netherlands – CGIAR partnership enhances international agricultural research. This Call allows Senior experts employed by Dutch research organizations and involved in CGIAR research or management a chance to spend (more) time on their CGIAR activities.

More information

Deadline: 5 July 2018

2nd NWO-WOTRO SDG Call - Tackling Global Challenges through Use-Inspired Research

More information about the call

For questions about the closed call at the TU Delft, please contact

Deadline: 4 September 2018
Note: This is a closed call for the TU Delft Jennifer Kockx

Program manager & external relations
+31 15 27 84601

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