17 May 2018

Join #CoCreateMYCITY Delft – Dutch and South-African student working together to co-create Delft

Do you want to participate and work in a multicultural team of students on the future of smart cities? In 2017, the Netherlands Embassy in South Africa organised CoCreateMYCITY Durban, with 10 South African and 10 Dutch students working together on local challenges in the city of Durban. At the end of June there will be a follow-up: CoCreateMYCITY Delft . This time, 5 MSc-students from South Africa and 5 MSc-students from TU Delft will work tackling local challenges of the city of Delft.

02 May 2018

Protecting Humanitarian Workers: Large simulation exercise at TPM for the EU project “iTrack”

In the week of April 16, all 13 international partners of the EU H2020 iTRACK project gathered at the TPM faculty for a full week of technology integration and testing of the ambitious iTrack system, an advanced system for real-time tracking and monitoring to support humanitarian operations in the dire conditions of conflict disasters.

26 April 2018

Super computing power for rainfall modelling in Africa

Prof. Nick van de Giesen received an IBM Technology & Data grant in the form of free super computing power and weather data. The project of Prof. Van de Giesen and Camille le Coz (both from the Water Management department) focusses on the simulation of rainfall and weather data in Africa to increase farmer resilience.

26 April 2018

Safe drinking water for all with smart, new drinking water technologies

Access to safe drinking water is a global challenge, particularly affecting the rural poor in developing countries. This urgent problem requires new, smart solutions for the removal of a wide range of contaminants of global concern, such as arsenic, fluoride, pathogens and antibiotic resistant genes.

23 April 2018

KNAW chooses Kofi Makinwa

Prof. Dr. Kofi Makinwa, Professor Electronic Instrumentation and chair of the Micro Electronic department to the faculty of EEMCS, is selected as a new member of The Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW).

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