23 October 2019

Schistoscope on shortlist global Dyson Award

After becoming a runner-up in the competition for the Dutch James Dyson Award on 19 September, IDE project Schistoscope made it to the international top 20 shortlist for the worldwide James Dyson Award last week.

21 October 2019

Join the workshop 'Smart sensors for resilience' during TU Delft | Global Initiative "Impact Day" on the 26th November 2019 and win a study trip to Ghana

Are you an IoT enthusiast, do you want to work in the emerging markets and get a chance to work in Ghana? The workshop ‘’Smart sensors for resilience’’ connects a diverse team of students, employees and IoT enthusiasts to design a project and pitch their ideas during the TU Delft | Global Initiative “Impact Day” on the 26th November at the TU Delft. The winning team gets a chance to develop their project in Kumasi, Ghana with the stakeholders. Reserve your spot now!

14 October 2019

Royal couple opens vertical wastewater treatment pilot in New Delhi

The royal couple opened a new pilot installation for the purification of contaminated wastewater in Indian drains.

30 September 2019

TU Delft | Global Initiative Prototype competition

Call for applications: Are you researching or developing solutions for global challenges in low and middle-income countries at TU Delft? And would you like to upgrade your current proof-of-concept to a more mature prototype? Enter the TU Delft | Global Initiative Prototype Competition and win €10.000, €5.000 or €3.000!

25 September 2019

The Role of Technology

The TU Delft Global Drinking Water programme would like to announce The Role of Technology conference, supported by the International Water Association (IWA).

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