What is GreenTU?

As a leading research institution, TU Delft has formulated its stance on sustainability in a clear manner. Inline with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development goal of Climate Action it has stated the following.


TU Delft sets out to build upon its intellectual and innovative power for safeguarding the world population against the risks of climate change, by developing technologies and methods as described above – in close collaboration with those companies and organizations that need to implement such measures in practice. The Problem is complex and urgent – but we have no other choice than to be optimistic and use all of our capacity to face the challenge, through our education programs and our research. TU Delft takes its social responsibility.

It is in this spirit of determination that GreenTU operates, contributing to the changes that need to be made at TU Delft to implement its vision and limit further harmful contribution to climate change and other environmental damages. Details regarding the general university-wide implications of this vision have been formulated in documents such as the CO2-Roadmap and the TU Delft Strategic Framework 2018-2024.


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