Theatre play and a career in science & engineering may seem like worlds apart. This course takes the two as equals, because our world is a stage. Future engineers and scientists spent six exciting evenings together, under the guidance of a performance artist, a theatre coach and an assistant professor. By performing art, by acting things out and improvising, you can make powerful, surprising and revealing journeys. You will discover things about science, as well as about yourself, things you won’t learn from a book. Although theatre play does not go without fear to show yourself, the plot twist might be that you discover yourself.

Make it stand out.

What happens when you take the stage? What happens if you take science as a performance art? Does it work for you personally to be ‘merely’ a player on the stage of… technological progress? What does it take for you to reach out and really speak to your audience? And what does it bring?

*The World’s a Stage is part of the Awareness and Culture Specialisation

Intergalactic nobel prize acceptance speech

by Whitley Roefs