The innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the members of the Innovation Department at TU Delft  is enshrined in the University’s mission statement:

“to make a significant contribution towards a sustainable society for the twenty-first century by conducting ground-breaking scientific and technological research which is acknowledged as world-class, by training scientists and engineers with a genuine commitment to society and by helping to translate knowledge into technological innovations and activity with both economic and social value.”

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15 februari 2019

How far can you go? IoT communication over a 446 KM radio link

The new LoRaWAN gateway on the roof of the EEMCS building (at Mekelweg 4, Delft, NL) received a message sent from a device in Machester, UK. This means that data wirelessly traversed a distance of 446 KM, which is believed to be a record for ground-to-ground LoRaWAN transmission.

12 februari 2019

Peruse: Read something in a careful or thorough way

Peer instruction is an interactive teaching method that stimulates student-student and student-teacher interaction. Prof. Eric Mazur implemented this in his first year physics in the early nineties and has popularized this method ever since writing a book, publish articles and presenting on the subject at main educational conferences in the past. Nothing new I would say. So why was he the keynote speaker at the Education Day at VU this week?

11 februari 2019

Developments in secure delivery of digital exams

With the steady growth of digital examination in Dutch Higher Education, institutions realize that endless investments in institutionally managed computers in exam rooms will not be a sustainable solution.

17 december 2018

Using Jupyter to study Earth

How TU Delft’s ICT-Innovation department is providing hands-on help to researchers in order to understand their IT requirements better.

22 oktober 2018

Open Source Software Guidelines for Researchers

Navigating the often complex legal landscape of software licensing can be a genuine challenge for researchers, particularly when starting up a research project for the first time. To help researchers navigate their way, a working group at TU Delft has put together a set of guidelines for researchers.

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